Manufacturer of the best bakery equipment

Welcome to Enigma`s website. We are pleased to have the  opportunity to present our company and our bakery equipment to you.
Who are we? We are a Polish company, founded in 1991, whose mission is to serve our clients and address the problems which people all over the world face in everyday food production. We listen to our clients and thanks to their suggestions and needs, we  offer bakery equipment which meets the requirements of the demanding confectionery market.

Thanks to our customers, Enigma is a company which manufactures and sells the finest bakery equipment for the production of cookies as well as other devices required in the confectionery industry. Our products are among the most advanced and state-of-the-art available on the global market. All are built in close cooperation with patissiers, confectioners, and staff of food-producing companies, for whom we have been manufacturing  bakery equipment for many years. Enigma's mission is to create devices and machines which best serve our clients and address the everyday problems that arise during the production of food. Thanks to their advice, suggestions, and general feedback, our products are continuously being  improved upon, which in turn makes the work in clients' confectioneries and factories consistently better, faster, easier, more convenient and more efficient.

We are not only active in the demanding European market, but also globally. We have  supplied Enigma machines to confectioners in some of the most remote places in the world- and anywhere else where innovative solutions, which dramatically improve quality and productivity, are essential for companies seeking to develop, progress, and establish themselves at the forefront of the market.

Enigma uses only materials and components produced by leading Polish and foreign manufacturers. Quality is our motto and our watchword. Enigma's products are distinguished by their exceptionally robust construction and durability, designed not only to meet but to exceed the toughest demands and standards of industrial confectionery-producing environments

If you are looking for the finest bakery equipment available on the international confectionery market, you have come to the right place. Look no further than Enigma. Every product within our broad range of bakery equipment is not only excellently made, with such careful attention paid to detail that each and every individual component is of the highest and most robust quality, but also designed and, if necessary, customized to perfectly accommodate a client's specific needs and to fulfil even the most ambitious and demanding confectionery production goals.