The VENONA is Enigma's ingeniously advanced ccoating machine. It is especially designed to coat confectionery products with all kinds of toppings.
The VENONA features:
-  An integrated mixer;
-  Easy temperature regulation; 
-  A mesh conveyor which accepts a range of widths: 30, 40, 50 or 60cm;
-  Base cake pouring;
-  Top pouring;
-  Whole product coating;
-  Double curtain pouring;
-  An integrated decorating machine (for decorating with different patterns – circular interpolation);
-  Vibratory excess chocolate removal;
-  "Wave effect", which is created by downward air current from the double curtain upon excess chocolate;
-  Smooth motion mesh conveyor control;
-  Electronic control;
-  Chocolate hopper capacity of 48l;
-  An extremely efficient chocolate pump;
-  A high-quality stainless steel body;
-  Full unit mobility via castors and brakes.