The ULTRA ML 900 is a fully automated, multifunctional, single-headed confectionery machine. It produces a broad variety of cakes of all kinds of forms and shapes. Among its many features is its ability to make muffin and sponge cakes. The ULTRA ML 900 is also fully equipped for wire-cutting. 

In 2016 Enigma introduced the revolutionizing 3-dimensional geometric mode feature into the cookie machine market. Geometric 3D mode creates virtually unlimited possibilities for cookie machines because, when configuring the shape of the cake, we are not constrained by any particular nozzle/tip because the form is made by table motion (for a presentation of this function, please watch the ULTRA 3D video. You will see that even when only one nozzle/ tip is used, so many shapes, e.g., stars, rhombus, stars, oval, square etc., can be accomplished).

The ULTRA ML 900 has an average continuous output- in three shifts- of 245,000 cakes a day!

The precise quantity is dependent upon the shape, recipe, and scale of the specific item being made. Due to the technologically innovative design of the heads, dough can be squeezed in a way which significantly accelerates the production rate – always maintaining and never breaking the structure of the dough!

The ULTRA ML 900's versatility is supreme. It operates with semi-liquid dough (utilizing suitable heads and appropriate technical parameters). The vast range of available nozzles and matrices for the squeezing heads means that the variety of cakes that can be made is practically unlimited. The ULTRA ML 900, upon a client's request, can be equipped with versatile functions such as “wire-cutting”, which offers an expanded range of product options and a considerable productivity increase.

Only two workers are needed to operate the ULTRA ML 900 cookie machine. The highest degree of production quality is guaranteed by virtue of its technical parameters.

The ULTRA ML 900 has a safety control panel and start-up protection which prevents an unauthorized person from using the unit. The quick and easy disassembly of components, which is crucial in order to maintain machine cleanliness as is necessary with all production concerning contact with food, is due to the ULTRA ML 900's ergonomic construction.

Every single aspect of the design and construction of the ULTRA ML 900 reveals Enigma's strict and unwavering adherence to the highest aesthetic standards as well as those of workmanship, health, and workplace safety legislation. It is perfectly user-friendly and its operation is a pleasure thanks to digital control. It is extremely competitive and formidable among all other manufacturers in the European Union as a result of its impressive and unprecedented production capacity and affordability. If you are looking for the most versatile cookie machine available, you should seriously consider Enigma's ULTRA ML 900.

ULTRA ML 900 Technical Information:



Installed Power








In its manufacturing process Enigma uses only established, proven, and reliable materials made by top-tier Polish and foreign companies, and we are in the vanguard of the most current and state-of-art trends in design, ergonomics, and technology throughout the world. All Enigma's products are fully guaranteed from 15 to 24 months. We can continue to provide service beyond the guarantee period.

Your purchase of the ULTRA ML 900 includes and guarantees:

  • Parameter setting;
  • Training of staff;
  • A large supply of cake recipes;
  • Ongoing qualified technical support.


The ULTRA ML 900 cookie machine can produce cakes made with many different kinds of dough:

  • Soft gingerbread;
  • Short pastry tarts;
  • Sponge cakes;
  • Choux cakes;
  • Meringues.


  •  1 dosing head, with 10 forming tips;
  •  Electronic control;
  •  Smooth control of operating parameters;
  • Adjustable nozzle angle;
  • Head roller rotation adjustment;
  • Adjustable rising table/ smooth movement;
  • Adjustable tray speed;
  • Replaceable slats, including ends for different types of dough;
  • Wire-cutting speed control;
  • Hopper capacity: 50l;
  • High-quality stainless steel body;
  • Mobile unit fitted with castors and brakes.

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Check Out This You Tube Video of the Ultra ML 900 3D


Check Out This You Tube Video of the Ultra ML 900



bakery equipment B26.png

bakery equipment B19.pngbakery equipment B17_0.png

* Note: Decorating with marmalade applied manually, or in the second cycle, after changing the head


bakery equipment B13_0.png

* Note: Decorating with marmalade applied manually, or in the second cycle, after changing the head


bakery equipment B15_0.png

* Note: Decorating with marmalade applied manually, or in the second cycle, after changing the head

bakery equipment B21_0.pngbakery equipment B20_0.pngbakery equipment B12_0.png

bakery equipment B11.pngbakery equipment B02.png

bakery equipment B22-B.png