Enigma's TUNNY is a cookie-pressing machine which has been designed to produce cookies from various types of dough. Tunny's main advantage is its ability to press cookies with many additional ingredients such as nuts, chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

The pressing chamber filling process allows operation with very “problematic” doughs (malleable dough, liquid dough, granular dough, hard dough, and dough containing additional ingredients which change its  texture and structure).

The shapes of pressed cookies depend on so-called “pockets” of the main pressing roller. These shapes can be changed by quick replacement of the main pressing roller.

The outlines, sizes, and shapes of cookies are selected by customers; thus the main roller is customized in accordance with specifications which the customers themselves define.

Production capacity of the machine depends on the size of the cookies being pressed. However, it is 45-60 cycles in most cases, and this is adjusted smoothly.

The operation principle of the machine is simple: Dough stored in the tank is pressed into pockets (defining the size of cookies) of the main roller, then rotational movement of the roller presses the dough into cookies. These cookies are then pushed onto the transportation belt by a system of cylinders and collected by an operator from the transportation belt and placed on baking trays.

The TUNNY S a modified version of TUNNY can automatically lay pressed cookies on baking trays, without any operator’s intervention. The distribution of cookies on baking trays is controlled via the electronic operator panel, at which point the size and swelling of cookies are taken into account.

Cyclical use of the cylinder system makes it possible to use so-called “problematic” doughs; that is, those which cannot be processed in multi-drop, wire-cutting or tip-pressing machines. 

TUNNY can be moved easily – it is equipped with a set of wheels with a braking function.

Enigma's TUNNY is unique and unrivalled in its reliability and state-of-the-art technology. As with every Enigma product, it has been subjected to rigorous and challenging tests conducted in extreme conditions and is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Check Out This You Tube Video of the Tunny S: