Enigma's COLOSUS cooling tunnel is truly remarkable and unique because, unlike any other cooling tunnel available on the market, the COLOSUS is only 2m long, yet it can easily and efficiently do the work of traditional 12-16m cooling tunnels. The COLOSUS is among the very smallest of all cooling tunnels, and is also elegant and ergonomic due to its container-based design. The COLOSUS has greatly elevated the standards of performance and efficiency of all the bakeries which use it, and has raised the bar of quality and efficiency standards in the cooling tunnel market itself.
The Colosus does its work in half the time needed by traditional cooling tunnels.Tunnel control is integrated with Enigma's VENONA chocolate-coating machine system. The ergonomic structure of the Colosus and its capacity of 1 to 2 tons per 24 hours make the Colosus preferable and superior to all traditional cooling tunnels, which require an area of at least 12 square meters. The Colosus is therefore invaluable and irreplaceable for small and midsize confectioneries. Another great advantage of the Colosus is its unique ability to turn the energy which is used for cooling the active tunnel surface into heat energy, which can then be reused to heat the production hall throughout the winter.
The freezing unit can be situated either inside or outside the bakery. As Enigma is well aware and considerate of the constraints and small dimensions of most confectioneries’ and bakeries' entrances, we deliver the tunnel in conveniently manageable parts in order to ensure comfort and ease in moving the unit through doorways and narrow passages. The Colosus is covered by a 2-year warranty.
Colosus Technical Data:
240cm x 115cm x 200cm (height/width/length)
Installed power  - 3.3kW
Power 3x400V
·     Independent electronic control;
·     Touch screen control panel, with multi-language menus;
·     Easy cooling temperature regulation;
·     Cooliing to  - 0 oC;
·     Conveyor belt total length of 12m;
·     Broad range of products for cooling;
·     1 - 2 ton capacity of confectionery products per day (dependent on weight of product);
·     High-quality stainless steel body;
·     Refrigeration unit-equipped;
·     Heat-insulated housing;
·     Chocolate collectors included;
·     Mobile unit with castors and brakes.