The MAGIC MB-2S and MAGIC MB-2S 3D are fully automated double-headed cake/cookie depositors designed to harness and optimize Enigma's cutting-edge technological innovations in order to create a vast, virtually unlimited variety of confectionery products. They possess a wire-cutting function and are fitted with two independently operating dosing heads. The MAGIC MB-2S 3D implements Enigma's industry-revolutionizing 3-dimensional geometric mode, a technology Enigma introduced into the cookie depositor market in 2016. Geometric 3D mode means such a broad spectrum of possibilities because, when configuring the shape of the cake, we are not constrained by any particular nozzle/tip because the form is made by table motion (for a presentation of this function, please watch the videos of our cookie depositors operating in 3D mode. You will see that even when only one nozzle/ tip is used, so many shapes, e.g., oval, rhombus, square, stars, etc., can be accomplished).


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 The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D cookie depositors are ideal for the production of:

  • Single-colored cakes;
  • Decorated single-colored cakes;
  • Filled single-colored cakes;
  • Double-colored cakes;
  • Wire-cut cakes;
  • Sponge cake bases.

They are also perfect for making cakes made with different types of dough:


  • Short pastry tarts;
  • Meringues;
  • Sponge cakes;
  • Choux cakes;
  • Soft gingerbread.

Feature Description:

  • Two dosing heads;
  • Simultaneous production of two different kinds of cakes;
  • Replaceable slats with tips for various dough types;
  • Touch screen electronic control panel;
  • Simple and straightforward, user-friendly control of operating parameters;
  • Adjustable nozzle angle;
  • Head-roller rotation adjustment;
  • Adjustable rising table/ smooth motion;
  • Adjustable tray speed;
  • Wire-cutting speed control;
  • Hopper capacity: 50l;
  • High-quality stainless steel body;
  • High-quality stepper motors;
  • Mobile unit fitted with castors and brakes.


   The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D are state-of-the-art cookie/cake depositors which can use either two or three heads, equipped with independent rotary-squeezing slats. They come with a large number of nozzles for making an impressively broad variety of shapes. They are capable of independent wire-cutting, and have electronic baking tray shift control. The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D run on Fanuc software which allows absolutely limitless configuration of every phase of the cake-making process. The bright and colorful interface display is very pleasant visually and easy to operate, and is the perfect complement to the MAGIC's user-friendly programming (which is as creative as the operator’s imagination). Their technical robustness and ergonomic design guarantee genuinely awe-inspiring production. The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D are examples of Enigma's unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality of design and technological innovation, workmanship, production, and service. Their production efficiency is 2 to 3 times greater than that of the “Multi-drop”-type machines of other manufacturers. Their unique and unparalleled functionality and versatility make them the unquestionably perfect solution for all stages and requirements of cake and cookie production.







MAGIC MB-2S/MB-2S 3D technical information:



Installed power


389 kg

3,26 KW


The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D are sublimely versatile. They work  with semi-liquid dough (utilizing suitable heads and technical parameters). The broad range of nozzles and matrices for the squeezing heads allows the creation of cakes and cookies in practically unlimited shapes and quantity. At the client’s request we will ready the MAGIC for  wire-cutting, which increases productivity and offers an extended range of product options.

The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D can be operated by two workers. The technical parameters of the MAGIC guarantee the highest possible level of production quality.

  Enigma's MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D have a safety control panel as well as start-up protection which prevents unauthorized use. Their ergonomic construction make component disassembly very fast and easy, which is critical in maintaining cleanliness and thus essential in every phase of all food production.


The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D have been engineered and built in relentless adherence to the highest standards of workmanship, health and workplace safety legislation, and aesthetics. They are exceptionally user-friendly and pleasant due to digital and computerized control. Their formidable production capacity and low and extremely competitive price put it right at the top in relation to all other confectionery equipment manufacturers in the European Union and in the global market.

Enigma uses only proven, durable, and reliable materials made by leading and firmly established Polish and foreign companies. Enigma is always attuned to the most up-to-date world-wide advances in design and ergonomics which we in turn raise to an altogether higher and indomitable level with our own technological innovations and implementations. We guarantee all Enigma products from 15 to 24 months. We will continue to provide service even after the expiration of the guarantee period.

The MAGIC MB-2S and MB-2S 3D are two of the best cookie depositors available in the world.

Upon purchase of the MAGIC, you receive, unconditionally:

  • Parameter setting;
  • A very large and diverse supply of cake recipes.


All Enigma's confectionery-producing machines possess unique features, capabilities, and technology which offer the broadest range of cake and cookie creation ever found in bakery equipment. If you would like to know  what distinguish Enigma`s cookie depositors from others, here are a just a few of Enigma's many excellent and unique features:


  •     Handmade simulation mode which produces cakes and cookies that convincingly seem to have been made by hand in the old-fashioned style.
  •      Complete programmability (and indefinite updatability) and user-friendly interface which provides the operator with absolute control of all parameters and all aspects of the desired final product.
  •      Your recipes, operation, and all parameters of your creations can be password-protected.
  •      Unequalled speed, production capacity rates, and precision.
  •     Extremely robust construction; all Enigma's machines are built and tested to withstand even the most demanding and rigorous conditions of constant industrial performance. They are built to last.
  •    Enigma's  unprecedented 3D mode, which means that you are no longer limited to the production of flat versions of your cookies.You can squeeze the cookie as the layers are made, fill in the base and have a perfect basket type of cookie. This saves you an immense amount of time and money and dramatically simplifies your production process.
  •      ONLINE diagnostics.
  •       Excellent and comprehensive technical support, which extends even beyond the duration of the warranty.


The possibilities are limitless. Set your imagination free and allow Enigma's products to make your creations a reality!


Some examples of the types of cookies you will be able to make are egg cookies, pot cookies, chocolate chip cookies, letter and geometric-shaped cookies, etc! You can even makes cookies in the forms of figures such as rabbits, eggs, animals and more! Speaking of which, you can watch demonstrative videos which show the operation of the various models and the creation of such shapes and figures in progress.

Enigma's products have been available on the U.S.A. market since 2016. Please feel welcome to contact us or our dealer in the U.S.A. directly to learn more details about all our machines and their features and capabilities.

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